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little hands

i wonder where i got off course

where my life tripped up yours

i hate the nights

where i remember

how little your hands seemed in mine

begging God to strip all i have

all i will achieve

my health

my life

my last breath

just so you are happy

some moments…

i wish the river of life

looped back around

providing the chance…

that impossible opportunity

to take a different path

and change the course of your life

where i would awake

in my bed of old

and hold your little hands again

knowing you would always be happy

how much i love you…

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A Christian Prayer

take my eyes my Lord
and reveal those who need you.
take my heart my Lord
and fill it with your love and compassion.
take my hands my Lord
and build your kingdom.
take my arms my Lord
and embrace those who are lonely.
take my legs my Lord
and lead me to those who are broken.
take my mouth my Lord
and offer forgiveness to your sinners.
take my ears my Lord
and listen to all problems.
take my soul my Lord
and forgive me for my sins.
take all that I am my Lord
and share it with your world.

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Trust in the Spirit

As my life tumbles along, up the hills and down the valleys, I wonder when and where it will quiet down so that I can catch a breathe, and just when I sense a slow down as it nears a hill, I learn of old friends that must somehow deal with the tragedy of not only losing one child but two, and I realize that my valleys and trapdoors are only bumps that must be dealt with but are survivable with only minor scratches and bruises to show for my fall. (more…)

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Last Sunrise

god bless momma

god bless her

god bless the dead

which no longer talk,


god bless me


the     second      coming     came

i                was         left           alone    in    hell

what   should   i   do

save           me

love           me


i saw you god

when the sun rose

and the flowers opened

i saw you waiting

for mankind to love

i saw you god

needed you

i saw you move god

when the wind stirred

and a newborn cried

i saw you god

but you never noticed me


holy seekers preach

the end is almost near

i just want some mark

to show that i was here



does life go on

i need a caring heart

to end this ruthless lie


intelligence kills my god

why can’t i find

the hope that i seek


mistakes happen

humanity sucks

love is a tale forgotten

i want a life

which allows for mercy

when killing

is by god’s hands


i don’t want to be the one

the messiah for the near dead

grant me peace

hear my prayers

dying     time       is                      near


i want to learn

the meaning of life

are we to follow our lord

are we to follow our leaders

one leads to a promised judgment

one leads to a promised quick reward

will i die in vain

if i choose one and not the other


the wrecking ball is here

god’s revelations

have all been fulfilled

the lamb to be slaughtered

is placed upon the alter

the evil close their eyes

while the good stand and stare


god bless my soul

i run to you with open arms

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the intersection

Across the intersection,
waiting for my light
in my truck, eating an ice cream,
I see him hobble;
I see him holding a foam cup.

Created by my creator
molded from his mold
born with desires
he is a man.

They roll up their windows,
fiddle with their radios,
and scooch up their cars,
pretending not to notice,
he, who, stands plainly in their sight.

Born of my God
a soul, a brother
just a street fixture
smells – yes… threatening – maybe.

I think it might rain.
I heard winter could return,
and there he stands without any shoes.
Fear is an easy answer
to a question of Christianity.

Acknowledge him for Pete’s sake!
Do something than look the other way!
“Whatever you did for one of the LEAST
of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”

Their light turns green.
As he weaves through traffic,
back to the curb,
some glance his way, worried,
of only denting their cars.

If I had been on that side
of the intersection –

Oh, my light is green.
I turn towards my destination.
If I didn’t have to do a u-turn,
if traffic wasn’t so congested,
I would go back…
but my ice cream is melting,
and my family waits for me at home.

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