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Why do my feet rest here?

Is life so random that, as I sit at this desk, typing on this computer, living in this particular apartment in Houston, I’m supposed to believe my life to this exact point in my timeline, that, that it could have been an infinite number of different possibilities? This planet, this sun, this solar system, this galaxy, and this entire cosmos randomly burst into existence without rhythm or reason and through natural selection, that life grew from nothing to this — without some sort of purpose to all of our lives and endless other lives that could exist in this universe? (more…)

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Recently, I’ve helped, along with a core group of great people, start a ministry at our church. It has been difficult, for me, because I’m typically a shy person, and, yet, extremely rewarding as I witness God’s will fulfilled on a weekly basis. As a group of unique individuals, how do we, as volunteers, succeed in this endeavor when we each bring our own misconceptions, ideals, wants, needs, fears, and anxieties to the group? When you think about all that mishmash of emotions, you might begin to wonder how we can even come close to succeeding. But that would be true if we weren’t all bound by God’s love and guidance, and with his grace we will flourish and fulfill his will.

But that doesn’t just happen easily, and our lives, who we are, what we do, and how we cope, have a chance to interfere with the spirit of God and disrupt what he wants us to do, but, fortunately, there are ways to tackle our issues and bring them to light so that we can work on them. (more…)

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spirit in the wind

As each day passes, I wonder where God leads me. I certainly don’t have a clue. I follow because he is my Lord, and I know that obedience helps me to understand this crazy world. Whatever became of my past and whatever might transpire in my future, I must have faith and obey the spirit that stirs my soul.

I sit and watch as people pass by. I don’t know them, and they don’t know me, and yet, we are connected by a God that loves us all — that essence that drives us to wake up each morning, to love that significant other, that damages the heart when we get hurt, and yet, so many struggle to ignore it; they push the spirit back into the inner closet of their ego, hoping that if they pretend it isn’t there, then it’s not there. But unfortunately, the emptiness left will remind them, poke, maybe yell, “fill me.” In the night while in bed, staring at the ceiling, they wonder why life doesn’t make sense, and when they finally drift to sleep, the spirit is set free, and they dream of happiness and love. (more…)

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longing for you

my weary soul dreads the nights
full of haunts and bitter frights
of laughter, hugs, and smiling faces
drifting alone to faraway places
from dreams of life with little ones
an endless stream of reruns
i try with all my might
to find the glory in god’s light
i beg my god to comfort me
but he never hears my plea
my yearning tears a hole
in the fabric of my soul
to hold them near
or perhaps disappear
to set them free
of all that’s me
to grow beyond
my bond
due to
my luv 4 u

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Every once and a while, I find my thoughts torture me, as they swirl in my mind, running back and forth to what is happening to what is to become, and some days, I hate being left alone with only my thoughts because they drive down dark alleys in my mind; many times I’m forced to ride along because I have empty time on the long drive home from work when traffic is tight, and cars inch along with only brake lights in front of me.

I keep the radio off just so I can meditate and reflect on God’s spirit, but some days, I wander away from that task, or maybe I’m not veering off course but simply misunderstanding the source of my thoughts. Either way, something that I’ve wrestled with lately is the effect of technology’s advancement on those that fail to recognize that very advancement.

Last week in one of my many emailed computer newsletters, the editor purposed a question that if we, the IT staff, or better yet, technologists, should feel guilty because the advancement of technology cuts the jobs of other people due to greater efficiency leading to less people being required to do the work.

Now, I’ve always thought about that, but, here, this stupid newsletter trudged up the memories, and soon, all I could think about is “how do we, as a people of God, handle the future and the possibility that technology will replace humans who have families to feed?” In the song The Legend of John Henry’s Hammer by Johnny Cash, John Henry says when confronted with the possibility of the steam drill replacing him and all the other railroad workers:

“I feed four little brothers,
and my baby sister’s walkin’ on her knees.
Did the lord say that machines ought to take the place of livin’?
And what’s a substitute for bread and beans? I ain’t seen it.
Do engines get rewarded for their steam?”

And that’s where these thoughts whip me. I don’t have an answer, but I know that it’s coming here in the United States, what, with Google’s auto-driving car and computers getting smaller and better; it is only a matter of when, not if, it will become a reality where millions of people’s jobs will be replaced by technology that doesn’t complain, works 24 hours a day, never needs a vacation, never gets sick, and has no family to worry about.

Oh, you could say, “we will always need people to work on the machines,” but that’s small thinking. Technology will repair itself. It will build itself, and someday, it will create itself. I’m not talking about a take over of technology, like in the movie Terminator, but I am talking about a time when we no longer need people to perform many of the jobs out there.

Where do they fit in the equation?

Personally, I can already see a divide between those that embrace technology and those that don’t, either because their minds are unable to grasp the concepts (and not because they aren’t smart, but because they are a different smart), because they are too poor to afford the exponential growth of machines, or because they refuse to accept the fact that technology is humanity’s fate.

Do you think what I’ve just described is a possible future for us? What do you think will become of humanity as it races toward this future? Is it the world of “Wall-e” where we just destroy ourselves and our planet because we have nothing to do?

I can tell you this, I don’t feel guilty about the future because I love technology, but I understand that unless we evolve and adapt to this new world, many people will be left behind, and I don’t like that prospect. I guess when it comes down to it, I’m optimistic that we, as God’s people, will solve the problems and live a balanced life with the technology that we built.

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