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Gray cotton clouds blot a blue sky,
plastering Yahweh’s forgotten canvas with ambiguity.
Angels with heavy silver wings and golden trumpets cry
while perched atop a rotting church steeple,
as the kingdom settles for death.
The flock stuffs their day full of busy work:
computers, tablets, phones, soccer games, meetings,
coffee houses, karate classes, blogging, sharing, posting,
tweeting, camping, fishing, shopping, dancing,
movies, tv shows, traffic, biking, and sex.
Man stands triumph, apathetic to the blood dripping from his fingers.
Eve, raped and dead, lies at his feet.
Adam, conquered, hangs from the barren conscience tree.
Heat, from a raging fire, disperses tattered holy pages,
encircling man as he feeds the flame
with the wood from a shattered crucifix.
The chip replaces the Eucharist.
Heaven sags with a heavy snow.
No more saints and martyrs.
Not an anti-christ, but anti-belief, arrogance, and a soulless heart.
Ole’ glory rustles in the cold wind;
while the Christ, who struggles, unnoticed, to still save man,
prays for the forgiveness of their sins.
Yahweh’s creatures: deer, geese, cattle
dolphins, sheep, lions, bears, and babies
litter the landscape as casualties of man’s final crusade.
Performing as they please, ignoring each other, looking out for number one…
Man cleanses his hands of the blood
and constructs his own alter of technology.
No tombstone will grace this loss, for the faith had long been forgotten.
Man follows his intelligence, driving in his computerized automobile,
eager to be home to manipulate the mouse
and pay homage to infinite information on the Internet.

The prophet Isaiah marches across the waste,
proclaiming the words of Yahweh:

“Since these have chosen their own ways
and taken pleasure in their own
I in turn will choose ruthless
treatment for them
and bring upon them what they fear.
Because, when I called, no one answered,
when I spoke, no one listened;
but they did what was evil in my sight,
and chose what gave me displeasure,”

until he kneels next to the pleading savior,
who raises his eyes towards heaven,
knowing there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth
because humanity has sealed its fate…

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What if…

What if our destiny is predetermined?  No matter how hard we try, we are what we were born to be.  Does the soul know what is expected of it before birth?  Maybe God and the Devil create souls and plant them in women to fight out good and evil, sitting in the stands, rooting for their team to win, playing the twelfth man with their favorite players.

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Recently, a group of us have been reading Matthew’s Gospel for Lent, and yesterday’s reading covered when Jesus dined with Matthew and his friends. For some reason, this passage gives me life, and it is my favorite part of the bible. There have been times when I cried (a hard, deep cry) for 30 minutes after reading it. Here is that what happened when the Pharisees commented on Jesus mingling with the “low life.”

Matthew 9:12-13 (Amplified Bible)

12 But when Jesus heard it, He replied, Those who are strong and well (healthy) have no need of a physician, but those who are weak and sick.
13 Go and learn what this means: I desire mercy [that is, [a]readiness to help those in trouble] and not sacrifice and sacrificial victims. For I came not to call and invite [to repentance] the righteous (those who are upright and in right standing with God), but sinners (the erring ones and all those not free from sin).

Here is the New American Standard Bible version as well.

Matthew 9:12-13 (New American Standard Bible)

12But when Jesus heard this, He said, “It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick.
13″But go and learn what this means: ‘I DESIRE COMPASSION, AND NOT SACRIFICE,’ for I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

I can’t explain how much this has changed my life. God showed me that it is not the sacrifices we make or even our attempts to be righteous that He wants. He wants us to love the rest of His children and to show mercy to those who need it the most. He wants us to show that He loves and forgives those that love Him the least. (Try to comprehend that much love; God cares for the most–the very people whom love Him the least.) I can’t tell you how many visions streamed through my head of people who were lonely, out of touch, and just needing someone to show mercy towards them. Most of the situations were people who didn’t even know that they needed the love. They lived their typical lives and loved God or they didn’t love Him; it didn’t matter.

Money doesn’t matter. God doesn’t care whether we are rich or poor. God doesn’t want money. Showing mercy to the weak and sick of heart is what God wants.

Being a person devoid of sin is not enough. It doesn’t matter if a person never commits adultery or never curses or never steals or murders. If that person never touches another human being, then he or she is breaking God’s greatest commandment. God wants us to forgive and show His love to others. We all pray to God to forgive our sins and think that “I’m a pretty good person. I mean… I go to church. I don’t drink or do drugs. I never cheated on my spouse. I never abused a child. I try to keep all the 10 commandments, and when I fail, I ask for God’s forgiveness.” That’s not good enough. It is not even what is being asked of us.

Here is the New Living Translation.

12 When Jesus heard this, he said, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor—sick people do.”
13 Then he added, “Now go and learn the meaning of this Scripture: I want you to show mercy, not offer sacrifices. For I have come to call not those who think they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners.”

People have it all wrong. We’ve been taught wrong by our religions. We’ve been taught wrong by our parents. It is not enough to be a good person. We can never be good enough to get into God’s glory. That’s why Jesus said we can never be good enough and need God’s Grace. We don’t do what He is asking of us. The road to God is by showing His love to our brothers and sisters in humanity.

I don’t think this is a call to drop everything and go and become Jonathan on Highway to Heaven. Those who do make that sacrifice will get the greatest rewards in Heaven. The world would cease to function if everyone stopped normal activities and just went around and helped other people. God designed this world to function. He wants us to have children, build homes, have jobs, and just live life. He designed the world that way. What God does want us to do is show His love to other people. If you see someone who looks lonely, befriend them. If you see someone sad, comfort them. If you see someone who needs help, help them. We have to stop turning our backs on people and start loving and forgiving them. That is what God expects of us. That is God’s Grace, and that is what ensures us of heaven.

Remember, even Jesus cried out to God as He died on the cross as Jesus felt He was left alone to die, but we are not alone. We have our Lord, and we have each other. God is here through us. He reaches out through us. I will do my part to help those in need. Please e-mail me if you just need to talk. I’m here.

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