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the glass is cold
it stings my face as i press against it
staring down the street
a silent street of sleeping homes
alone at the end of a circle
no warmth will come tonight
is it possible to feel alone
alone in a city full of millions
i pray
the prayer of a million other souls
longing to receive a loving kiss
feeling let down by my faith
where even the mustard seed failed
failed to save…
promised to move a mountain of pain
left from being forgotten
now as empty as the tin man
i scream
i cry
i beg to know that someone cares
just beyond the burning horizon
in a warm bed she sleeps
that answer that he gave me
the opportunity to be born
to chase a dream i’ve never forgotten
sleep overwhelms me as i drift
i don’t know what i need
i know what I crave
the one god delivered
to one alone
alone in a city of millions

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