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No Title Needed


leaves shiver
fresh chill on my skin
raining from the sky
my children asleep

clouds drift
city glow on horizon
a barking in forgotton yard
prayer soothes my soul

life changes
fear overwhelms
meditating on a path
forgiveness saves

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He Writes the Code

Computers give no love.
They expect none in return.
They just function, but
what about us geeks?

Is God just love?
His universe exists on math and science.
The code is unyielding
for without it there is no here.

Yet, something thrives that can’t be measured,
that can’t be touched,
that can’t be bound…
Does God exist in the loveless laws
if love knows no logic,
if love has no reason,
if love has no rules…

Are we the part of God that gets forgotten?
The heart that knows God
must be of love
that’s what we’re taught,
but maybe, we know His other side.

His lonely side
that was before the now
that developed all there is
that craved to create
that had Him write the code.

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