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One of my first memories of Christmas is in my backyard as a child, as the sun faded behind the houses in the neighborhood. A boy of maybe 5 or 6 years old, leaning back in a swing seat with my feet high in the air and my head hanging back so that I could see the sky through the pecan trees still clinging to some leaves, I remember the happiness just waiting for Santa Claus to arrive some time during the night. I searched the sky for that glowing nose, knowing that it was out there, somewhere, leading Santa to his destinations. At that moment, I remember grasping the concept of the world being very large – so large – that Santa could be out in that purple night sky and I couldn’t see him.

As a child I knew Christmas was about Jesus’ birth and Santa Claus coming to my house. During the younger years, it was more about Santa, but as years passed, I grew to love the celebration of the birth of our Savior. Then becoming a parent meant happiness was experienced seeing the smiles on my children’s face as they celebrated Christmas. I have to admit, that I have always loved Christmas and the way people seemed to transform into more loving humans, capable of spreading the goodness and happiness that saturated the world, at least the one around me. (more…)

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