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Can you remember a time when you’ve been on the outside looking in, where everyone else knew the lingo, knew what to do, knew the inside jokes and seemed to fit right in? As someone who has been a loner a lot of my life and refused to put myself out there, I’ve been there, and it hurts. Usually, most people walk away from that situation because it’s so difficult to break into that intimate group. I have. It’s just easier that way.

A lot of the time, the group doesn’t even know they’re being exclusive. I mean, they’ve been together for years; they’ve raised their kids together; they’ve gone to the movies together; they’ve gathered together once a week for as long as they can remember, so naturally, bonds have been formed and invisible walls have been built. (more…)

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negative energy

No matter the origin, negative energy has only one destination, and that place is your soul. And as you fight it and struggle to push it away, you dwell longer and longer on it, feeding it, until the negativity distracts you and overwhelms you. Its simplicity is why it thrives, and the origin has long moved on, but that whisper, as you sit alone with your thoughts, gnaws and gnaws at your confidence, your heart, your logic, and your connection with God.


Jesus teaches of forgiveness because, while it won’t unring the bell, it transfers power from an external force to you and your relationship with God. It heals the soul. Instead of struggling, you let go. Now the whisper in your ear speaks of love and freedom. Forgiveness brings peace and a realization that life moves on, even after a bout with negative energy.

Seek and you shall find. Ask and it will be given. Forgive and you will know love.

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