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I’m really just a man who has sinned a lot, been broken to the point of considering suicide, hated God at several times in my life, and stumbled most of my way through life with two failed marriages (I am currently married to a wonderful woman who has helped me grow closer to my Lord). I’m not a qualified theology scholar or even a scholar of anything other than computers. But as it often is when it comes to God, sometimes, you are asked to do something, and you must obey, and so it is with me and the blog I started. I really hope to spark debate about topics on my blog because discussing God, even if we disagree on what we are discussing, is a good thing. No, I would say, it’s a wonderful thing, a blessing and advances God’s will in this world. I have my beliefs, and what you will read on my blog are my interpretations of God’s voice within me; you will also find that a lot of what I believe differs from mainstream Christian beliefs, but I hope that’s where we can both learn from each other and grow as we discuss God’s will for the world. So, like a gambler, when the cards have all been played and all bets called, I am laying my cards on the table, and here is what I believe. There is a God, and he is a living God. God sent Jesus to help us understand his plans. Jesus died for our sins. You experience God’s grace when you love and serve his flock. The spirit of God lives in everything that exists and that ever existed. If we listen closely, we can hear the guidance of his spirit. The bible is a history of God’s interaction with us. Most importantly, I believe that God is not done communicating with us. Like I stated, he is a living God, and because he lives, he lives with us and in us, so the story of God and us is still being written even as you read this.

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